“Fine art portraiture, indeed! I knew from having seen her work that she has a real gift, but I still cannot believe the results of the shoot I did with her - so many of the photographs could be spreads in Vogue. She and her hand-picked team are consummate professionals, yet able to channel high-level artistic expression. Anna worked with me - with my (wild) schedule requirements, with my own creative ideas, with my energies and impulses. She strongly encouraged me do my "homework" (pedicure, prop for an idea I had, etc.) because it meant that the day of the shoot I could feel confident and totally relax, roll up as myself and trust the pros to transform me into model-goddess by hair/makeup/styling/camera. She has everything you need to create these incredible looks - props, wind machines, protein shake to keep you going. The only downside: EVERY. FINAL. PICTURE. WAS. AMAZING. I was expecting to fall in love with a handful, maybe half a dozen, but we loved all 31 (!!!). This made it excruciating to narrow down to the set we took home. Oh, by the way, this was a surprise shoot for my husband, and Anna was amazing at accommodating my idea for a two-part reveal party: part one with a whole slew of lady-friends (with bubbly and refreshments and lots of chatter) and part-two with just me and hubby (with mostly quiet, plenty of room for awe and emotion, and plenty of time to come to our final decision). Overall, I cannot recommend Anna Grove Photography enough: she will bring her expertise to achieve whatever your vision/project requires, but, beware, the results may exceed even the highest expectations.” - Julia F. Houston, TX

As a mother’s day gift my sister gave me a photo shoot with Anna. From our initial meet and greet to picking up my photos I had an amazing experience. I was 7 months pregnant when I had my shoot... I get tired going to the bathroom but she kept the mood so joyful and lively that I didn’t realize I had not taken a break. She warned me that pregnant or not everyone gets tired and I didn’t. She gives off such a positive and vivacious energy that 5 hours (hair and makeup included) just flew by. I couldn’t believe it went by so fast. Thank you so much Anna for making this an experience I will never forget. I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks.” - Myra D Deer Park, TX